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Agile s.r.l.

Your local partner in global context.

Since 2014, Agile s.r.l, thanks to a consolidated network of distributors, installers and body-builders, works to provide quality products for automotive world, recreational, commercial and related vehicles. The analisys and contiuous research of producers has allowed us, and still allows, to be the local partner in global context.

Our case history boasts the partnership between us and VB-AirSuspension, world leader that produce air suspension for commercial vehicles. The commercial relationship, started as headquarters-distributor, has turned into headquarters-official importer over the years; thanks to the development that has been guaranteed by Agile s.r.l., the milestone of the birth of the official italian headquarters  has been reached in 2020.

Our new adventure started in 2020 concerns the import of Flat-Jack air pillow, excellent german-made product, intended for car collectors, dealers and owners of vintage and sports car. Due to Covid-19 health emergency, Agile has developed a social network for the continuous promotion of the product.

Since 2017, Agile s.r.l. imports HPC Hydraulics products, dutch manufacturer that makes hydraulic stabilization and leveling systems: over years, Agile has become the only importer on itaian territory. Through installers, advertisments and fairs, we’re developing the brand’s reputation in Italy.

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